Lloyds Hotel Backpackers
23 George Street, Launceston, Australia

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Located centrally in the heart of Launceston’s CBD district, Lloyds Hotel Backpackers is the place to be on your next trip to Launceston. With live music, big acts, a night club, and some of the biggest travelling acts to Launceston, it’s the perfect spot to stay, get your fill of quality entertainment, and appreciate Launceston’s diverse population and culture.

We have accommodation available for the individual as well as large groups and offer competitive prices appealing to the budget traveller from as little as $24.00 per night. Lloyds’ offers its guests exclusive pool table use, television access, free Wi-Fi, discount entry to the night club as well as a positive environment with friendly staff and an awesome atmosphere, as well as providing a high level of safety and security to guests while staying with us.

For your next trip to Launceston and if you are looking for a place to stay, give us a call, shoot us an email here at Lloyds Hotel as there is no other place to be.



Lloyd’s Hotel Backpackers is located only one block from the Launceston Transit Centre, the hub for all intrastate bus/coach transport and regional coaches, and is only a 150m (2 minute walk) from Lloyd’s Hotel Backpackers. For directions – upon leaving the Transit Centre from its main entrance/exit, turn left down Cimitiere Street and walk down, Lloyd’s Hotel Backpackers is located on the left hand side of the street, you will see the main building directly in front of you.
If coming from the Airport, or using private transport, please look us up on FACEBOOK (Lloyds Hotel Accommodation) for all map information.